Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spending time with few of my best friends, picking you up when you fall, and always there for you.

Technology is a really important part of our modern life. I couldn't imagine living without it.

Always keeping hydrated, cheers!


  1. the 1st photo is a bit blur and so is lulu's face for the second. The last photo is quite nice and the lighting is great, not too bright or dark

  2. All the three photos seemed to be blur. For the last photo the angle where the person is quite unique, Where else the other photo are more concentrated in the middle.

  3. Picture 1:
    The picture is slightly blur. I guess the main focus of the picture is the person in the middle. The distractions are the two people at the side. The lighting is acceptable. The lines in the background gave the picture depth.

    This picture is slightly blur. The main focus of the picture is also in the right position. The distraction is the table on the right. The lighting is alright and the lines in the background give the picture depth.

    Picture 3:
    This picture is quite sharp. The main focus is near the middle of the photo . The distraction is the vending machine. The lines in the background give the picture depth.

  4. Photo 1: The lighting in the photo is great as the face's of the people in the photo can be seen clearly. The lines in the photo also give it depth. The picture is a bit blurry and the person in the middle seems to have his eyes close. The person to the right looks like he is being strangled by a blurry hand from nowhere.

    Photo 2: The lighting in the picture is once again alright and the lines in the photo give it more depth. Unfortunately the picture seems to be blur and the person also does not seem to be opening his eyes.

    Photo 3: This is the best photo as the main focus is the vending machine and the person buying drinks from it. It is also sharp and the lines in the background give it more depth.

  5. 1st. It is quite blur.
    2nd. The glasses is reflecting the light so his eyes cannot be scene.
    3rd. Ok

  6. In the first photo, the main point cannot be easily identified. The background does not seem to have a certain special perspective.

    In the second, the same comments on the background. The main point can be easily identified.

    In the third, it would be better if the camera was in a perspective where it can show what he wanted to choose.

  7. First picture: It is quite blurred. Either, you shake the camera or they move. i agree with casandra as i think the main focus is only on the person in the middle. The other two should stand closer to the person in
    the middle. The line gives its depth and it looks pretty cool.

    Second picture: the person's face is quite blur. The lightings is alright and the lines gives it depth. of course, the shelves is a distraction.

    Third picture: the picture is alright. It's quite sharp and the lightings is quite bright due to the light from the vending machine. It is quite slanted and kind of unique.

  8. Picture 1: Lighting's Good. Picture is blur for it could be because everyone was not ready.

    Picture 2: Lucas is in the central image which is good thus we would clearly know what is the intended focused image. The lighting's good. The photographer could have shake or moved his hand while taking the photograph causing it to look blur.

    Picture 3: It is very clear as Iskandar's face is in the central image. This allows people to know that you were given permission to take the photo as it was taken when he was doing the post. Having the vending machine's light shining on his face make it too bright. Taking from the angle whereby we can see what drink iskandar is choosing is good.