Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holiday Work 1 - Understanding the Elderly

This report is saying that we should be having more houses that are elderly-friendly. To make the elderly carry out their everyday activities without difficulty and with ease like any normal person would.
Secondly, the elderly would be able to mix around with the people around them with ease and should not have something blocking them, just because they are much more older than the others.
The elderly should not have a disadvantage financially because of their age and should be taken more initiative by the government and being treated fairly also.
The elderly would be also able to participate in activities of normal people and should not be left out too.

They’re recommending that HDB should be providing more rental housing options available for the seniors.

The government should top-up accounds of less welloff Singaporeans when there are budgetary surpluses. The government also should set up a Caregiver Centre to support families in care-giving through provision of information resources and programmes.

As an SST student, I could interact with them. When their family is not their first line of support, they would usually feel lonely so by meeting up with them, it could really help them a lot.
Helping them out with their usual household chore work voluntarily also works out as it can start a friendship and we may also learn a thing or two from them.
Just by being polite and making it convenient to them also helps such as holding the lift button for them.

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