Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simple Elderly Home Layout

This is just a simple sketch of an elderly’s home which I propose. Starting from the living room, we can have coffee tables right in front of the elderly’s chair so they could eat easily in comfort. The coffee table’s table can also be folded to the side so that the elderly can use the table as a safe passageway to the chair while holding on the the sides of the table so it can act as a way to support the elderly as well. The chair can have comparements so it will be easier for the elderly to use the remotes etc.

On the side maybe some fish tank/paintings etc. Potruding from the fish tank is actually a compartment where you can put fish food inside so accidents may be prevented compared to climbing a top as quite a number of elderly usually keeps fish tanks. This can also be a place to socialise as well if you put the number of chairs inside.

For the windows, to express some freedom so the elderly won’t feel like they are being in a cage, there is no window-grills to cover it but there will be a net which is almost invisible to protect them. There is also a compartment potruding out below the window to prevent the elderly from going too near.

The bedroom. The bed is much more lower when compared to a normal one so the elderly will not have any problems or face any when going on. There is also a safe-guard on the side that could be pulled up so the elderly need not fear of falling off. On the side is also a table of the same height so they could reach it with ease.

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